Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thailand Ufo - Pattaya

A finnish Man fims UFO in Pattaya, Thailand. More Unidentified Object sightings in Thailand on the same day include the appearance of three Suns in Sri Saket, North East thailand; The video includes the sighting of the three suns too, which precede the article on the UFO seen in Pattaya.

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Mr. Jukka Holttinen aged 35 from Finland was taking a video with his mobile phone of a customer, Anna from Denmark, who had just completed a jump. He was asking her if she enjoyed the jump and at the end of the interview, he panned the camera up towards the sky. At the end of the video, an object appeared from the right and appeared to fly across the screen.

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Thai Villagers witness small aliens in rice field Villagers in Thailand claimed they witnessed an "alien" or extra-terrestrial being which appeared like a small-body man with large head and about 70 centimetres tall. Over 10 residents of Huay Nam Rak Village in Mae Jan district's Tambon Janjawa said they saw the ET today morning in a rice field outside the village.
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UFO Casebook Image Photo taken from my balcony, floor 5. Photo taken in direction west to Koh Larn Island from South Pattaya (South East Thailand app.1 hours drive from Bangkok).
Date March 30, 2008 Time: 18;39 ( 6;39 P.M.)
Camera Panasonic FZ50 Zoom lens at 27mm (??) F-stop F/3,6
1/125 sec ISO-100 Color sRGB Thailand-UFO
Source: UFO Casebook

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