Friday, May 14, 2010

Finnish UFO Crash

An unidentified falling object descends from orbit in Finland is consumed in raging flames as it slowly falls to earth. This loooks more like combustion of flammable material than flames from atmospheric entry.. but then iam not an expert in the field of combustion so i could be wrong. Whatever this object is, it looks very large as well as spectacular. I wonder if anyone can comment to addmore light to this video and help to investigate if there were any Satellites or Man made space debris falling in Finland in 2007.

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Thailand Ufo landing - or Satellite?

Is the craft or object seen falling out of orbit idown to earth a satellite? Or is it an Extraterrestrial Craft? The object is without doubt artificial.

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Pyramid Ufos Thailand

ufo over capitol hill
The Video clip below shows what seem to be pyramid light forms, which are extremely similar to the unidentified triangular light formations seen hovering over the Whitehouse in 1952. However, at the end of the clip, thecraft behind the lights becomes slightly visible, revealing a classic saucer shaped object, with the triangular light formation appearing to hovering front of it slightly. It is highly improbable that this video is faked in my opinion.

Thailand UFO

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