Wednesday, October 14, 2009

UFO - Asturias Spain 2009

This astonished Family in Asturias, Spain catch a rather large disc shaped UFO who's trajectory encircles their automobile as they film it. This video evidence is most convincing as far as authenticity is concerned in my opinion; The child is frightened and cries, the woman speaking is baffled and also panics as the craft circles the vehicle. "What was that?" she exclaims at the end, and demands that the car turn around ("Que era eso? - dale la vuelta"). The craft displays varied acceleration speeds whilst moving along it's trajectory, as well as shome pretty sharp direction changing. I estimate the craft to be approximately 50 feet in diameter.

Watch Videoclip; UFO Watching Family Asturias Spain

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Strange Events in Moscow's skies

ufo cloud ship moscow 2009

This Video clip shows footage of an Odd ring and disc formed cloud formation leaves local Muscovites baffled as to the cause of the matter. Were UFOs or Extraterrestrial intelligences behind this event? or is it just a freak of Nature?
An arguably UFO related event occured in Moscow when an an eerie hole in the clouds formed and a disc shaped cloud formed in the middle of the hole
Millions of locals witnessed an oddly bright ring-shaped cloud hovering above the city’s western quarter. Scientists from the Moscow’s weather forecast service said that there is nothing supernatural about it, and issued the following statement;

“It’s a purely optical effect, even if a spectacular one. You can see really strange things if you watch the clouds regularly,” Vesti24 TV channel, which published a mobile phone camera video sent to them by an eyewitness, cites the service. “Several air fronts have passed Moscow recently, including an inflow of cold air from Arctic, and they combined to produce such a phenomenon.”

Watch Video of the Moscow "cloudship" ring event.

I Personally think that this is some kind of GEOMANTIC Force being executed, which is becoming ever more frequent as we approach the zenith of the galactic equinox of the Solar System and the centre of the Galaxy in 2012. Although these clouds are obviously not intergalactic or interplanetary/interdimensional craft, they could perhaps, contain such. They could also be an effect resulting from the presence of orbs, ETs or other froms of non Earthly craft or beings/energies.
The HAARP issue also springs to mind when i watch this video
To be honest i have never been that moved by strange cloud formations until i began to take an interest in the Chem- and Con-trails matter. I do find this particular formation rather odd indeed, and must conclude that i believe this to be the effects of weather control apparatus being tested or applied to use for secret purposes.

Oh by the way.. the other wierd occurrence this month which is baffling me; is "how on Earth did Barack Obama get to recieve the Nobel Peace prize?"

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