Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ufo California 2010 + Year of the UFO collection

A collection of 12 Videos starting with some of the most amazing sightings from California in 2009 and the first sightings from 2010. The California sightings are made in Corona, Pasadena, Santa Monica and El Cajon. Then, after one from Yucatan, Mexico and the "year of the UFO" short News video clip, are some Videos of UFO sightings in Russia,

UFO Santa Monica July 2009
If this Video is real then the craft is exhibiting use of a technology which is still unknown to us. Tachyons?
The Craft pulstates and suddenly releases dripping balls of energy from it which fall and then emit rings of light, which then travel sideways and float off. the craft disappears suddenly and so do the orbs of energy/light which were released from it.

Corona 2009

Intelli Ufo-worlds Smallest Remote Control UFO

Need to Know: UFOs, the Military, and Intelligence

Corona 2008


UFO Sighting over El Cajon California on January 1, 2010

UFO over Pasadena, California January 12, 2009


UFOs and the National Security State: Chronology of a Coverup, 1941-1973

UFO over Yucatan Mexico

The year of the UFO: 2009 breaks records for the unexplained
2008 doubled 2007, and 2009 almost doubled 2008'reported sightings..
Will 2010 continue the exponential increase of sightings of unexplaiend objects in our skies?

Russian Jawdropping UFOs Filmed May 2009 + Wormhole UFOs

Triangular Ufo Russia

Triangle Ufo Moscow Russia

UFO (Unidentified flying object) 1 - june 21, 2009

Pyramid Ufo over Red Square Moscow

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Best of NASA Ufos

Presenting you with a host of Images from the Leaked N.A.S.A. Archives for your inspection and reference.
Evidence: The Case for NASA UFOs
The images are also viewable on film as video at the bottom of the post.
Although some of these images might be explainable, some of them are impossible to attribute to natural causes in my opinion. I find myself wondering when NASA and the U.S. Government will finally declare the Alien presence and the UFO phenomenon to be real.

In this first image (below). we can see a NASA space capsule in Earth orbit, with a small anomalous object in the distance. Let's see this image magnified to examine the anomaly.

Here is the object seen close up; it looks rather like a "Dragon winged" craft.

Is this a Mothership we see in Earth's Orbit in this series of pics? Whatever it is, its pretty gigantic, and strange in shape.Watch as we close in on the object in the center slightly to the left

Can you see it yet?

A strange shape indeed

Is this a flying saucer above the cloud layer?

Let's see this a bit closer up;

Something strange lurking in the distance of space above the Earth here.

And upon closer inspection we see somethiing that could hardly be interpreted as anything but a spacecraft.
Draconian Mothership? (I like the phrase Draconian,because the shape of the ship evokes this kind of word in my mind).

Let's Enhance the Image to see this in more detail, because this one is quite Interesting don't you think?

In this NASA ATS image there is something dotting the sky around the bottom left perimeter of the Earths atmosphere;

And upon closer inspection, the anomaly comes no closer to an explanation.  Satellite debris?

This pic taken during an eclipse shows an object obscuring our view of our Moon

The following pics show three unidentified objects (or craft; for the objects are indeed moving in formation) which were observed by both the NASA astronauts AND the Command center, and their comments on the issue were picked up and recorded on tape, which you can hear in the video in the footer of this post.

I fint the triangular formation is appearing relatively often, many times within the Earth's atmposphere too above our heads.Sometimes in the darkness, they appear to be the lights of a three sided bottom side of a pyramid shaped ufo, but in fact could actually be three objects flying in formation. Are the objects filmed over Capitol hill three sided craft, or are they groups of three lights flying in formation (see below pic)

And last, but by no means least, is my favourite of all the NASA Ufo pics in this post; I have named this the "Venusian craft" for no praticular reason, other than i like to imagine that this is what a venusian craft would look like. I find this object most uncanny and fascinating - it has such a strange ephemeral shape, somewhat like the Aurora Borealis. I hope that you found the images in this post interesting.

Watch the video collection of NASA UFOs

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