Sunday, August 23, 2009

Russian Kids snap UFO

Three Russian children; Veronica Prudnikova Lyuda Kurenkova, and Pasha Arbekov,have snapped an amazing authentic picture of a UFO in Ilyinke, Russia.
The three children were playing together in a field near the Russian village of Ilyinke on last August 7th. It was in the early evening.They suddenly noticed a UFO passing overhead. The UFO appeared very clear and large. The craft was of a classic flying saucer shape. The UFO shed a massive shadow over the field the children were playing in, which caused the two girls to start screaming out loud, which resulted in other villagers to come and see what was happening.
While this was happening, the UFO made a few circles of the village before moving over towards a nearby communications tower. As the UFO approached thelights on the tower dimmed, and went out. It seemed as if the UFO was causing interference with its electrical supply.

The children described the UFO as "glowing blue and red in color".
One of the girls was able to snap an amazingly good image of the craft. Other villagers, on hearing the girl’s screams, arushed outside and saw the UFO.
The UFO then rose higher, before ascending upwards brashly at an incredibly fast speed rate and then vanished. The sighting lasted less than one minute.
Experts interviewed the children, and have subsequently declared the photo and sighting genuine.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Watch X Facts TV

x facts tv on Ufo Pics - watch X facts TV Online here on the blog. X facts TV - all about 2012, Planet X, Nibiru updates and the 2012 Mayan Prophecy of the Annunaki -

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X facts Radio

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Manises Ufo incident

Manises Ufo ValenciaThe Manises UFO incident took place on 11 November 1979, forcing a commercial flight to make an emergency landing at the Manises' airport in Valencia, Spain
A TAE's (former airline) Supercaravelle was the first aircraft involved in the incident. Flight JK-297 had taken off from Salzburg (Austria) with 109 passengers on board, and had made a refuelling stop in Majorca before setting course towards Las Palmas.

Halfway through the flight, at about 23:00h, Pilot Francisco Javier Lerdo de Tejada and his crew noticed a set of red lights that were fast approaching the aircraft. These lights appeared to be on a collision course with the aircraft, alarming the crew. The captain requested information about the inexplicable lights, but neither the military radar of Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid) nor the flight control center in Barcelona could provide any explanation for this phenomenon.

In order to avoid a possible collision, the captain changed altitude. However, the lights mirrored the new course and stayed about half a kilometer away from the plane. Since the object was violating all elementary safety rules and an evasive maneuver was deemed impossible by the crew, the captain decided on going off-course and made an emergency landing in Manises' airport. This was the first time in history in which a commercial flight was forced to make an emergency landing because of a UFO.

The flight crew reported the lights abandoning the pursuit just before the landing took place. However, three new UFO signals were detected by the radar, each one with an estimated diameter of 200 meters. The objects were seen by several witnesses. One of the UFOs passed very close to the airport runway, and emergency lights were lit by the land crew in case the object happened to be an unregistered flight experiencing difficulties.

Given the lack of answer to all communication attempts, a Mirage F-1 took off from the nearby airbase of Los Llanos (Albacete) to identify the phenomenon. The pilot, Spanish Air Force captain Fernando Cámara, had to increase his speed to mach 1.4 just to be able to get visual contact with what he perceived to be a truncated cone shape displaying a changing bright color, but despite his initial efforts the object quickly disappeared from sight. The pilot was informed of a new radar echo, which indicated that another object might be near Sagunto (Valencia).

When the pilot was close enough, the object accelerated and disappeared again. This time, though, the UFO seemed to respond and the fighter had its avionics scrambled -its electronic flight systems were jammed, a highly hostile action. At last, and after a third contact attempt, the UFO finally disappeared, heading for Africa. After an hour and a half of pursuit, and due to fuel shortage, the pilot was forced to return to the base with no results.
The public impact of the incident was such that on September 1980 it reached the Spanish Parliament. The High Chamber representative Enrique Múgica publicly asked for an official explanation, but a UFO sighting was dismissed and the incident was attributed to a series of freak optical illusions.

Listen to the Spanish TV news report (In Spanish)

The report has an excerpt of the pilots talking to the control tower.

The full official report, declassified by the Spanish Airforce on August 1994, states that the Supercaravelle JK-297 pilot Javier Lerdo de Tejada, the land crew in Manises' airport and the Air Force Captain Fernando Cámara might had been misled by "flashes emitted from a distant chemical industry complex" (about 100 miles away from Manises) "and some stars and planets". Although this possibility has been much argued and repeatedly rejected by all people involved it stands as the only non-UFO-related explanation.

The on-flight difficulties experienced by the fighter were not mentioned in the public release. The electronic system failure on board the Mirage F-1 could nevertheless be explained by the fact that the U.S. Navy Sixth Fleet was stationed in the area, and was making use of a powerful electronic warfare equipment while awaiting the outcome of the Iran hostage crisis.

Since in the late seventies all UFO phenomenons were promptly published by mass media and readily consumed by the public, it has been argued that the flight crew might have been influenced into believing that they were experiencing a UFO sighting instead of just witnessing an optical phenomenon, and had therefore been readier to consider, and finally undertake, such an extreme maneuver as an emergency landing.
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Welsh UFOs

A secret spy plane belonging to the USAF in the UK –which has never been officially declared to exist, is reputed to have been a possible cause of what might have been behind a sequence of reported UFO sightings in the South of Wales, Great Britain in 1993.
Some newly released evidential files point to this possibility. According to reports, a number in excess of 70 witnesses, some of them being police officers and even military personnel, have reported sightings in South Wales, and the English counties of Devon, Cornwall and Shropshire in the early hours of Wednesday March 31, 1993, witnesses described a large, low-flying object which made a low humming sound.
A briefing note given to the Assistant Chief of the Air Staff, Sir Anthony Bagnall, who was the head of the Ministry of Defence’s UFO desk at the time, stated that there seemed to be some evidence of an unidentified craft evading UK defences.

He said; " he would not normally concern Sir Anthony with UFO sightings but continued: “You may wish to be aware of a recent particularly unusual incidence of UFO sightings over the UK, involving descriptions that match some of the reported characterisations of the so-called ‘Aurora’.”

The Aurora was the name given to a secret project involving an unmanned US reconnaissance aircraft which was developed in the secret “Black Ops" in the 1980s and alleged to be capable of hypersonic flight and perhaps even unimaginable speeds and right angle turns.

The plane was the subject of intense interest, and the British Government denied having given permission to experimental US flights over the UK.

In a message from April the 22nd, the head of the UK's UFO desk wrote: “Some of the reports state that the object was moving at a very high speed, while some say that it was hovering or moving very slowly. Many of the reports refer to the object being very large, flying low and making a humming sound. My staff have spoken to a number of the military and police witnesses, many of whom commented that the object was unlike anything they had ever seen before”.

The statement continued: “In summary, there would seem to be some evidence on this occasion that an unidentified object (or objects) of unknown origin was operating over the UK. If there has been some activity of US origins which is known to a limited circle in MoD and is not being acknowledged it is difficult to investigate further.”

Sir Anthony reacted stating: “In spite of the quantity of the many witnesses who reported the unusual sightings on March 31, I can add nothing to the debate.”

The head of the UFO desk was later pressed to play down the subject.

He wrote a further briefing note on May 7 saying that he had been contacted by the British UFO Research Association (Bufora) which told him the sightings coincided with the re-entry of a Russian rocket into the Earth’s atmosphere, and that, although the re-entry could have explained some of these high altitude sightings, it was unable to explain many of the lower altitude sightings or the humming sound.

He added that; “As you will see, we may have an explanation for some – but certainly not all – of the recent UFO sightings.”
The letter was returned with an additional hand-written note which said: “Thank you. I suggest you now drop this subject.”

The sightings included one by two police officers in the small town of Treharris who reported having seen two bright lights, with some kind of vapour trail travelling at just 200m above their heads on Gelligaer Common at about 1am.

He apparently said; “Continuing questions of this nature cause us some concern and our secretary of state has been advised that I would be contacting the United States authorities in order to restate the MoD position and to seek confirmation that if any such unusual aircraft activity were to be envisaged by the United States Government which would in any way affect the United Kingdom, the United States Government would approach the Ministry of Defence to seek prior agreement.”

The sightings came from RAF Cosford, where police reported seeing two bright lights “flying at great velocity” above the area of the local airfield. There was no engine noise and a red glow from the rear of the lights, as they slowly faded over the horizon. According to a Met officer at RAF Shawbury the lights moved “erratically at hundreds of miles per hour unlike any aircraft” and that they appeared to be looking for something. The officer in question, who also heard a low humming sound emanating from the source of the lights, said he had never seen anything like it before.

Below are some other cases from Welsh UFO sightings;

Location of Sighting: Tredegar - South Wales
Date of Sighting: 23rd May 2009
Time: Around 22:24
Witness Name: Jordan Fox

Witness Statement: I live in Tredegar South Wales and last night 23/05/09 me and my friends saw a very strange “burning orange” object in the sky moving very fast, i took a photo of this.

Below; Helicopter spots unusual aircraft over the Bristol Channel in South Wales - 00:40 am (23:40 GMT) on June 8

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ufos attacked by Anti Aircraft guns

This case study is of a mass Ufo sighting in Los Angeles in 1942: on February 25, at 02:25 AM: anti air-raid Alarm sirens began to sound, as flying objects were seen in widespread. The reports of flying objects were announced to be flying in the skies over L.A...
A blackout was imposed and the terrified Civilian population were told to follow the blackout rules and switch all their lights off. At 03:16 AM: Anti-aircraft guns opened fire on the unidentified flying objects, which were seen to be coming from the direction of the ocean.

Projector beams scanned the sky. Eyewitnesses observed a series of small airborne objects, which were flying at a high altitude. The UFOs were of a red or silvery color, and were moving in close formation at a pretty high speed. The objects were unharmed by the Anti Aircraft cannons' repeated salvos . The larger object in the centre of the spotlights was reportedly hit by many Anti Aircraft gunshells. The anti-aircraft defence shot incessantly at these UFOs without any apparent results......
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The Oldest Ufo Pics ever

Here are some of the Oldest pictures of Ufos on record - the first dating from 1870. Taken in Mt. Washington, New Hampshire, it has often been called "the oldest UFO photograph ever taken." This UFO picture was put up for auction on Ebay in the year 2002, the photo was sold at a price of 385.00 U.S. dollars , It was bought by Manuel Sherman the president of Independent-International Pictures Corp. In those days, it was incredibly difficult to alter and fake a photo, much less when one considers that with todays investigative technologies, sceptics have still been unable to prove it a fake! It is also incredible when we take into account the fact that there were no flying objects of Human invention in those times.....

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