Sunday, August 23, 2009

Russian Kids snap UFO

Three Russian children; Veronica Prudnikova Lyuda Kurenkova, and Pasha Arbekov,have snapped an amazing authentic picture of a UFO in Ilyinke, Russia.
The three children were playing together in a field near the Russian village of Ilyinke on last August 7th. It was in the early evening.They suddenly noticed a UFO passing overhead. The UFO appeared very clear and large. The craft was of a classic flying saucer shape. The UFO shed a massive shadow over the field the children were playing in, which caused the two girls to start screaming out loud, which resulted in other villagers to come and see what was happening.
While this was happening, the UFO made a few circles of the village before moving over towards a nearby communications tower. As the UFO approached thelights on the tower dimmed, and went out. It seemed as if the UFO was causing interference with its electrical supply.

The children described the UFO as "glowing blue and red in color".
One of the girls was able to snap an amazingly good image of the craft. Other villagers, on hearing the girl’s screams, arushed outside and saw the UFO.
The UFO then rose higher, before ascending upwards brashly at an incredibly fast speed rate and then vanished. The sighting lasted less than one minute.
Experts interviewed the children, and have subsequently declared the photo and sighting genuine.


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