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Airplane or UFO abducted by UFO?

Really strange footage of a UFO homing in on another object in flight (presumed by the author named Jmart714 of the video to be an airplane, but which looks like another ufo to me)
The Ufo swallows the other object and zooms of in a vertical direction up into the atmosphere.
here is what the author of the video says about the case on his you tube channel
"The airplane was approaching Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson Arizona at approximately 4:15PM MST on August 8th, 2009. We first witnessed the object hovering in a locked position, southwest of the base. You can hear my neighbors if you turn the volume up. We thought it was a balloon, until it dropped in elevation a few thousand feet in less then a second. At that point I ran inside and grabbed my digital camera and rushed outside in time to catch the object approaching the airplane from behind. Unfortunately the microphone barely works on the camera, from being dropped so many times, so you can't hear much. But at least there is a little. The object made no sound, completely silent."

"There was an attempt to take the video to the media, unfortunately, every affiliate rejected the video due to lack of evidence. There was no report in the city of a missing airplane, nor did the Air Force Base report anything missing. Many of the news affiliates did confirm that they had received calls on August 8th from various sources, claiming they had seen a UFO. They said that they receive calls on a regular basis dealing with UFOs all the time, as well as many hoax videos, and there was no reason to believe my video was anything different. They refused to believe that the Air Force base would withhold information about a missing airplane. "

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USO chased by airforce filmed by Galician Fishermen

The below post is now debunked after i investigated using Spanish searches.. this and a couple of other videos have proved to have been made by a spanish film crew. Here is the video showing how they faked the video - the original post i made which shows me rather convinced just goes to show that we should always be as critical as possible, and that with modern technology, almost any video can be easily faked. One such as this though would cost money because of the need for a boat, 2 jet planes and a helicopter, as well as the model.

Don't miss this amazing irrefutable UFO evidence of Galician fishermen filming a Ufo being chased by Airforce fighters. A helicopter arrives on the scene and orders the fishermen to return to the port.

Watch Video - USO chased by airforce filmed by Galician Fishermen

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The best Ufo Pics ever

Amazing pics and video evidence of Ufos taken by Antonio Urzi in Italy. These are some of the best ever pics and videos i have ever seen. This person has witnessed multiple visits by various types of Ufos over his house. He filmed them through the skylight of his attic apartment. Two of these flying saucer shaped objects seem very similar to those Pleiadian craft photographed by Billy Meier so many years ago.
Jaime Maussan, MUFON Director for Mexico, presents the Urzi Case in the International UFO Congress 2009 with over 1700 UFO sightings filmed over eight years, Antonio Urzi and his friend Simona, from Milan, Italy, have been living an absolutely unique experience. Metallic ships, spheres of light and flotillas fly just over their heads. Antonio has filmed all kinds of UFOs from a small window in the attic where he lives with Simona.

 Is Antonio Urzi the next Billy Meier?

The Antonio Urzi Case is perhaps one of the most astounding cases in the history of Ufo research.

The videos are clear and of high quality. They have been analyzed by Mexico's expert journalist and researcher Jaime Maussan and his studio crew, by the independent researcher Giuseppe Garofalo and from the American scholar Jim Dilettoso. All of them stated that the UFO footages of Urzi are absolutely real.

Watch now the amazing videos of multiple sightings of classic flying saucers by Antonio Urzi

Anti debunker!
Just in case any debunkers wish to discredit this video by sating the bright point of light appearing constantly above the UFO with a red circular rim is a cable, see this video (in Spanish,which i am fluent in and have listened to in detail). The video from Urzi was given to experts in Milan for investigation and all lf them concluded that the effect was due to lens flare - you can see that it is a repeating line of solar flare effects which experts deduced to be caused by the lens of the video camera, as a result of the material of the Ufo being of either hematite crystal, mercury, or some other unknown substance which has such a high reflectivity as to cause the lens flare. The position and movement as well as temporal information considered in relation to surrounding buildings and positioning of surroundings is concluded to be authentic documentation of a real unidentified flying object.

14th June 2009 sighting - Antonio Urzi

Here is also a video taken in 2010 by Antonio Urzi at night of a triangular Ufo.

2010 recordings by Antonio Urzi.

3rd June 2010 Triangular craft

two video sightings from 2nd June 2010

And a sighting from the 11th of June 2010

Antonio's connection with the Ufos seems definitive, or if not then the location must have something of interest to the craft which are constantly revisiting the site.
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Flying Saucer - Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu City - July 3, 2009 .
A group of people spot and film a flying saucer in the sky above and in front of them. The saucer is metallic silver in appearance and remains in view long enough to be filmed both from afar and close up. During the filming, an Aeroplane flies behind the saucer, giving us an idea of perspective and size. The craft spins and changes angle so that the photographer can get different shots of both the top and the fuselage with various lighting conditions. As a result it is possible to see some details of the craft in relief. After viewing these amazingly detailed pics, you can watch the video clip of the saucer in flight as filmed by the eyewitnesses. The video lasts for a full three minutes. Lake Havasu is a large reservoir behind Parker Dam on the Colorado River, on the border between California and Arizona.









Ufo Sightings: The EvidenceUFO Sightings: Photographic Evidence [VHS]The Stephenville, Texas, UFO Sightings ReportAPPALACHIAN CASESTUDY: UFO Sightings, Alien Encounters And Unexplained Phenomena VOL. 2

Watch Video - Lake Havasu Flying Saucer (2009)

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Spherical Ufo filmed in broad daylight

This video footage of a spherical ufo bobbing and weaving in classic right hand turn movements close up and iin broad daylight is i think the clearest video evidence i have seen in a long time. This is an amazing piece of documented video evidence on the Ufo phenomenon. The footage was taken in Russia. Just get an eyeful of this amazing craft. See how it bobs up and down and does a horizontal shift over the field in a very sudden movement indeed. The voice of the person filming sounds authentically shocked and perhaps a little fearful.
Need to Know: UFOs, the Military, and Intelligence  The Phoenix Lights: A Skeptics Discovery that We Are Not Alone Out of the Blue - The Definitive Investigation of the UFO Phenomenon Messages: The World's Most Documented Extraterrestrial Contact Story

Clear UFO Sphere Russia

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