Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ufo Sighting in Harrow, London

Event Date; Early April 2009

Ahmad Zaigham took a photo of this UFO near his home the Uk

the 30 year old commented: "I was immersed in the TV programme when just by chance I saw this uncanny light in the sky and I was instantly mesmerised."

Zaigham, a computer engineer from Harrow in London was aonly able to take a single picture of the object. it was stationary as he took it. He said: " It was still, and then it moved rapidly up and above at incredible speed, a comparable speed to a fighter jet at full power, so fast that panning the camera in the direction was impossible. The object made a whistle kind of sound, and seemed to quickly fade in light".
"The light coming from this thing is something of which I have never seen the like. I dont think any aircraft has a light like this," he added.

The sighting,happened just before 8pm. Some rumors state that this sighting may be connected with the destruction of someturbines in Lincolnshire in January 2009
might be passing the photograph onto NASA for further investigation.

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