Tuesday, December 8, 2009

UFO Crash or Genesis Probe?

This video of a craft falling from the sky and crashing into the ground in the middle of the Uta desert at the Dugway proving ground is officially documented as the failed Genesis space probe mission, which reportedly ended in the probe crashing and the loss of the collected samples of solar wind particle samples, which was the goal of the mission. Some people believe that this stroy was used to cover up the accidental filming of a UFO having been shot down by NASA. I myself am not sure what to think - it could be the probe, but i must admit it does look rather like a UFO as it is falling, as does the craft seen on the ground. If it was it is clear that NASA would find some kind of earthly explanation and cover it up.In whichever case, this is an extremely watchable video from NASA. Please leave your comments and opinions.

Above pic; Artists impression of the Genesis Probe with its sensors exposed to the solar wind

Space dot com - Space probe fails to deploy chute

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