Friday, July 31, 2009

Orbs touched by English crop circle hunter

Andrew Pyrka puts his hand into an Unidentified Orb shaped Flying Object and gets an electrical shock.
Barbury Castle, British Isles... Two Crop Circle investigators were underway checking out a recent corncircle appearance. The corncircle was reportedly formed like a bird in shape, and the two reporters were approaching to investigate, when the farmer who owned the land upon which the circle was found appeared and chased them off.

The two investigators, Paul Jones and Andrew Pyrka were about to drive off away from the site, when suddenly they noticed a shiny, orb shaped object hovering in the air in a field close to the site of the corncircle..

They considered the possibility that the orb may have some connection with the creation of the corn circle, and decided to investigate. They began filming the object, and Andrew started off to approach the orb. As he arrived in the vicinity of the orb, he was unable to see any trace of the orb anymore. Uncannily, Paul was still able to see it quite clearly, and since the two were maintaining a constant contact per cellphone, he guided Andrew towards where he saw the orb to be hovering.

As Andrew approached, he commented to Paul that he could see nothing, and Paul exclaimed in excitement that Andrew was standing what seemed to be right next to the orb directly beneath it. He told andrew to raise his arm to see if he could toouch it, which Andrew conceded. Andrew comments the following about what happened;

"Instantly, when I put my arm up, there was a huge jolt of electrical current that went down my raised arm. I don't think I touched anything solid," he told me, "but I definitely interacted with some kind of strong field the UFO must have been giving off. But why couldn't I see it where I was, while Paul could not only see it, he videotaped it for another fifteen minutes?"

A Physicist from the Netherlands had previously made experiments, investigations and conclusions that these orbs have some kind of electromagnetic charge and that the data he had recorded from taking samples in corn circles supported this theory. In recent times scientist have stated that some corn circles appear to have really been formed by orb shaped balls of energy.


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